Back to the roots

With the launch of its new web presence, Se Mobeila International also announced today that it will be introducing a new tag line. President Wolfgang Fercher welcomed about 250 journalists from around the world to announce the new mantra of Se Mobeila – bringing it to your countries. Mr. Fercher stated “It represents Se Mobeila’s incredibly successful business strategy and at the same time reminds us of our roots.” What he meant with that was a nostalgic look at Se Mobeila’s founding days, when CEO Girkinger, President Fercher and CFO Fischer were asked to promote rail containers in their countries. That’s what they did, and what started with one container, very quickly became the world’s largest fictitious organization.

Se Mobeila on track to launch new website in 2017

Se Mobeila International continues to make improvements to its new website with all features available by early 2017. “While it will take some time to bring all the old content up and running, we will focus on exciting new content to keep our Se Mobeilisti entertained.” stated CEO Gerhard Girkinger at the launch event in New York City. Se Mobeila CFO Cosmo Fischer added: “Technology advances so fast, and while our old website was great, the new one gives us a lot more opportunity to interact with our fans worldwide in a way more interactive way.” Se Mobeila will release new content in stages over the next few months.